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Display Development is an independent design and marketing group that concentrates its efforts on very high performance visual imaging systems.

With a proven 20 year track record the core team of Display Design is responsible for bringing over 100 displays to market. Many of these displays were award winning for their leading edge technology.
Who We Are
Jim Burns – President
Jim is well known in our industry as having the rare combination of high engineering abilities and people-skills. He is always going beyond what is and finding solutions to systems that no one else has thought of.  From the early days of Digital TV, line processing and high-end video projection, Jim has been a key leader in our industry. Jim can be reached directly at 972-996-6520 or email him at 
Andrew Ard – Senior Vice President
Andrew has been committed to the creation of sales organizations and business systems and people needed for satisfying customers in sales of video projection and related AV gear for over 25 years.  He is also known for knowing the product beyond the spec sheet for guiding salespersonnel and dealer personnel into the best products for the project.  You can reach Andrew directly at 972-347-4577 or email him at
Karla Ard – Treasurer and Order Administration
Karla has spent the last twenty years in our industry, with knowledge of the people and products involved as well as running the systems to make sure your product is ordered and tracks it until it's shipped.  She also works with Bob to make sure the setup information is cross-checked before the units, lenses and system is ordered and manufactured.  You can reach Karla directly at 972-347-4578 or email her at
Pat Bradley - Vice President, Installation Services
Pat is known as the finest calibration and setup person on the planet. If you utilize our in-field services, he will not only make sure the projector works, but make sure it works within the system.  Also, if troubleshooting is needed, you can contact Pat directly at 972-996-6527 or email him at
Bob Grubbs - Technical Sales
If you'e been in high-end video installation for long, you probably already know Bob as being the best person for making sure you have the right lens and setup information for any project.  You can call Bob directly 972-996-6523 or email him at
Scott Varner - Sales Manager
Scott came to us as the previous Sales Manager and Trainer for avielo and projectiondesign and his knowledge of projectiondesign is truly a resource to us and our dealers!  Scott has joined us at Display Development and adds his significant sales and relationship efforts to our team!  You can call Scott directly at 972-347-4575 or email him at
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From conception, design, production and market management Display Development is your complete solution.