VP-100 Video to Cinema Scalar
VP-100 is our premier high definition video processor incorporating HDMI 1.3 compatibility and has earned THX Video Certification, the industry's premiere hallmark of quality, usability and compatibility.

The VP-100 converts standard definition, high definition and PC signals from your DVD player, Blu-ray Disc player, HD DVR, game console, or PC to any output resolution up to 1080p. The LD-100 serves as your complete A/V hub, providing audio/video switching that simultaneously eliminates A/V lipsync and allows a one wire connection to display for all your video needs.
Input Aspect Ratio Controls
4:3 full frame, 4:3 letterbox, Panorama, 16:9 full frame
Flexible Horizontal and Vertical Zooming Panning Controls
Overscan Adjustment per Input
Output Aspect Ratio Controls
Presets: 4:3, 16:9, 2.35:1, or custom aspect ratio
Separate Display/Lens/Screen Adjustments
Underscan Adjustment to address Overscan inherent in a display Panamorphic Mode 1 and Mode 2 Compatible
17 Video inputs Available
8 HDMI 1.3 (RGB or YCbCr) processes 480i/p-60, 576i/p-50, 720p-50/60, 1080i-24/25/50/60 inputs, 1080p-50/60, VGA-SXGA@60Hz

2 SD/HD-SDI (Serial Digital Interface) processes 480i-60, 576i-50, 720p-60p, 1080i-50/60, 1080p-24/25/30

2 Composite (NTSC/PAL/SECAM)


2 Component (YPbPr or RGB/S) processes 480i/p-60, 576i/p-50, 720p-50/60, 1080i-50/60

1 RGBHV/Component (BNC-style connectors) processes 480p-60, 576p-50, 720p-50/60, 1080i-50/60, VGA-SXGA@60Hz
9 Audio Outputs
8 HDMI 1.3
2 Assignable Coaxial Digital
Assignable Optical Digital
1 Assignable Analog Pair (L/R)